How to order

Easy Steps to place your order.

[1] Add to Basket

[2] View Basket

[3] View Shopping Cart(Option)

[4] Input Billing Details



[1] Add to Basket 

  1. Check Price, Availability, Your order quantity.
  2. Click Add to basket button.





  1. Select option, Check Price, Availability, Your order quantity
  2. Click Add to basket button.

[2] View Basket

  1. On the right side bar, you can see what you order.
  2. Click View cart to open Shopping Cart Page or  Click Checkout straightaway to finalize your order.



[3] View Shopping Cart

  1. Check Product, Price, Quantity, Total Price.
  2. X if you want to cancel the product.
  3. Click Update Basket when you changed the order.

4. Check Basket Totals(Total Cost) and click Proceed to Checkout.




[4] Input Billing Details(Purchase Page)

  1. Input your information. (Example filled)
  • Name
  • Delivery address
  • email
  • contact number



4.  Check your order and payment. Click to Place Order.

  • Don’t forget to click accept terms and conditions.


5. Your order completed. Click Pay Now .




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